Our Story


This project began in 2004 when National Geographic published the article US Faces Growing Feral Cat Problem. This article sparked an idea to create a trap, neuter, and relocate program throughout the country. 

Four years later, we began in Vermont where homeless cat populations were getting out of control. We tested this project in a small town and had such great success that we decided to expand it to Florida. 

Florida was where we saw first hand how crucial it was to expand this project even further to the rest of the country. This began the Saint Augustine Cat Sanctuary which lead to Project No More Homeless Cats. 

We are now working to create a cat sanctuary in Northern Illinois and Northeast Florida.


Trap Neuter Relocate

Here at Project No More Homeless Cats we are huge advocates for TNR, but not in the traditional sense. TNR typically stands for trap, neuter and release. The program is designed to humanely reduce the number of feral cats through sterilization. there is just one problem, the cats have been released back to where they came from.


This is a problem because often times the cats are not safe in their original home. Sometimes people or other animals will try to hurt them, or they just aren't enough resources for them to live quality lives. 

That is why our TNR program stands for trap, neuter and RELOCATE. The cats will be trapped and fixed and then relocated to a safe area where they can live out their lives safely in peace. this method also ensures that people will not add to colonies by dumping unwanted cats. Overall this method should decrease feral populations and successfully eliminate stray and feral cat colonies.