The Math Behind Overpopulation


One unaltered* cat will have a litter every 8 months. Each litter will contain between 4-6 kittens, half male and half female.

*unaltered: a cat who has not been spayed or neutered


Sheila is a feral female cat, at 8 months old she has her first litter

8 Months Later

Sheila has her second litter

Meanwhile the 1st litter has their first litter

 Another 8 Months Later

Sheila has her third litter

The 1st litter has their second litter

The 2nd litter has their first litter

The Results

44 feral cats have been born in 16 months.

Sheila now has 12 children, 16 grandchildren, and 16 great grand children.


*this is based on an average female feral cat, actual results may vary*